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Project origin

‘Gallinas y Focas’ Hens and Seals is a wine rich in human content, the fruit of a collaboration between amadip esment and 4kilos vineyard. amadip.esment is an organization for people with mental disabilities, who along with their families get to enjoy an improved quality of life and share the same opportunities as other citizens. 4 kilos and amadip esment collaborate on this project in which those with disabilities are the protagonists who fully participate in the wine making process.

In August of 2006, Francesc Grimalt and Sergio Caballero set up 4Kilos Wines in Mallorca, a company dedicated to producing wines that reflect the strength of the grape and its nuances but with a different approach and different presentation. Francesc Grimalt, winemaker and former partner and technician of the Anima Negra Cellar in Mallorca, is known mainly for rescuing the variety of the native grape Callet on the Balearic wine scene. Sergio Caballero is musician and founding partner and co-director of the Sonar festival of advanced music and multi media arts, and who is responsible for its image.

The name 4Kilos comes from the initial investment in the anterior currency of pesetas by both partners, which is to say, 4 million pesetas. A modest investment for this sector which demonstrates that a good wine does not depend on a great economic effort but an ambition for qualityand a passion for the product. 4Kilos is unmistakable in its signature and a declaration of principles.

Origin of the Name

‘Gallinas y Focas’ is the result of a brainstorm of ideas on behalf of the members of amadip.esment to come up with the name of the wine. When they were asked why they had chosen such a name the reply couldn’t have been clearer: hens are funny and seals clap. At the same time they were asked to come up with illustrative drawings of hens and seals that would then therefore serve to illustrate the wine label.