Hens & Seals 2012

4 Kilos vinícola S.L.

amadip.esment and 4 Kilos

Francesc Grimalt

Origin of Wine name
‘Gallinas y Focas’ is the result of a brainstorm of ideas on behalf of the members of amadip.esment to come up with the name of the wine. When they were asked why they had chosen such a name the reply couldn’t have been clearer: hens are funny and seals clap.
At the same time they were asked to come up with illustrative drawings of hens and seals that would then therefore serve to illustrate the wine label.

Name of wine and harvest
Hens & Seals 2012

Type of grape
90% Manto negro
10% Syrah

Alcohol Grading
14% vol.

Area or Denomination of origin
Mallorca Regional Wine

Aging time
18 months

Type of barrel
New French oak barrels (Allier, Vosges, and Nevers). Medium and upper medium toasted. Foudre of 3000 litres.

Wine growing
Rational production with minimal intervention.
Native vegetable coverage to boost microbiology of soil and water competence in autumn.

Hand made selection of the grape. 80% was made in stainless steal deposits and 20% in 225 and 500 litre barrels.

Fermentation temperature and soaking
In fermentation without arriving at 20ºC. Soaking for 20-25 days.

In 500 litre barrels

Year’s climate
Average fermenting cycle attaining to a summer without rains that lasted until October. Grape with an excellent healthy state. Produced a good phenolic fermentation in the Manto Negro.

Drawings by members of amadip.esment